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2016 Photo Contest Winners. Click on the thumbnails to see enlarged versions. Each photo will be displayed in a separate window. Navigate to "previous" and "next" photos within each category by clicking on the right or left half of the image. Java Script must be enabled to view large images.

Pioneer Life
Pioneer Life by Robert Hempeck Pioneer Life by Joe Rakoczy Pioneer Life by Suvi Tory Pioneer Life by Lori Liebman Pioneer Life by Stu Moebus Pioneer Life by Kevin Thomas
Best in Show by Suvi Tory People by Kim Bitto People by Max Wendt People by Stu Moebus People by David Dresdow People by Jack Rossetti
Second Place Overall by Kevin Thomas Agriculture by Max Wendt Agriculture by Joe Rakoczy Agriculture by Ron Theis Agriculture by Lori Liebman Agriculture by Lori Liebman
Nature by Suvy Tori Nature by Vjollca Mala Nature by Vjollca Mala Nature by Peggy Wright
Historic Structures
Historic Structures by Stu Moebus Historic Structures by Judy Schmidt Historic Structures by Robert Hempeck Historic Structures by Max Wendt Historic Structures by Wendy Murkve Historic Structures by Stu Moebus
Best Depiction of Old World Wisconsin & Youth Division
Best Depiction of OWW by Eric Larsen Best Depiction of OWW by Cheryl Plestina Best Depiction of OWW By Pat Foat First Place Youth Photo by Nora F. Second Place Youth Photo by Nora F. Third Place Youth Photo by Julia W.
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