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Planting Seeds
Members of Old World Wisconsin Foundation's Plowshare Society are a special group of individuals who have included the Foundation in their estate plans and/or pledged or gifted at least $5,000 to OWWF.

Please call 262-594-2922 for additional information.
Plowshare Pioneers at Old World Wisconsin
Horse Drawn Plow at Old World Wisconsin
Plowshare Society Members
With gratitude we acknowledge the following Plowshare Society members:

A - D
Gary and Patricia Ahrens; Deb Balis; Suzanne Borland; Sam and Nancy Bradt; Robert and Constance Brault; Mary Ann and Frank Brazelton; Karen and Harry Carlson; James and Christine Connelly; Susan and Bob Crane; Joyce V. Cunningham; Tom and Lynda Curl; Richard and Kristine Davidson; Lee Ann and Charles Davies; Terrence L. and Nancy Dignan; George and Sandy Dionisopoulos

E - H
Fred and Ann Ehle; Micki and Dennis Ellerbrock; Karen Jo Walsh and Marsha Engquist; George and Julia Evans; Mary S. Flaschner; Donald Fundingsland; Alica and Jerry Goehring; William Soderstrom and Lorna J. Granger; Claire P. Greene; Vivian Guzniczak; Robert and Heidi Hanley; Eunice and Warren Hansen, Jr.; Warren Hansen, Sr.; Loyd Heath; Barbara and Robert Hegwood; Ernst and Sharon Hensersky; Jan and Tim Hoeksema; Mrs. Peter D. Humleker; Karen and Jim Hyde.

K - O
Deborah S. Kern; Judith Kern; Robert and Patricia Kern; Brian and Terrie Knox; Fred and Karen Koermer; Charles and Mary Ann La Bahn; Lars Larson; Lowell and Carolyn Larson; Kathleen Lashley; Eugene and Gwen Lavin; Sally Manegold; Carol Mazzone; Sandra Shirk and Mike McNeely; Jeffrey E. and Mary Milikin; Charles and Carolyn Mowbray; Sally Mundt; William and Jean O'Loughlin; Ed and Linda Caldart Olson; Jackquelyn J. Omdoll; Sandra and Gerald Osborne; Robert and Holly Ottum.

P - Z
Elaine and Thomas Pagedas; Suzanne Perkins; Barbara Pinekenstein; Mike Pretasky; John and Kay Reilly; Sharon Royston; Carolyn Schloemer; William and Patricia Schmitt; Carole and Gordon Segal; Matthias Kastell and Scott Siekman; Joyce Smith; Daryl and Dottie Stamm; Terri and Rudy Sundberg; Dawn Tabat; Donald and Carol Taylor; Richard and Nancy Van Deuren; Veronica Wallace-Kraemer; Edwin Wiley.

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