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With gratitude, we present the current members of the Plowshare Society who have remembered Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc. with a deferred gift. See our Plowshare Society Members >
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The Plowshare Society sows financial seeds which will be harvested by Old World Wisconsin for years to come. Established by Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, Plowshare Society recognizes those who have included Old World Wisconsin Foundation in their estate plans.

The Plowshare Society is open to everyone who wants to be part of something special. Members share intent to include OWWF in their estate plan, either in their will, trust, insurance policy, or other arrangement at death. No minimum amount is required, as this is a personal decision for each member based on his/her circumstances. The Plowshare Society welcomes gifts in any amount and thrives from the virtue of freewill. Lifetime gifts of $5,000 also qualify for Plowshare Society Recognition.

Planting Seeds - Listed below are the many ways you can be part of the planned giving effort of the Plowshare Society. Depending upon your own circumstances, you may choose to make a provision in your estate plan or may, instead, make a lifetime gift. Please call 262-594-2922 for additional information.

Bequest In Will - A gift in your will to Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., will be exempt from estate taxes. Such a gift could be in the form of a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate - it's entirely up to you. The gift can be changed throughout your lifetime.

Retirement Account Beneficiary - Retirement accounts (including IRAs, pension plans, 401k accounts, and similar retirement plans) offer a double-tax benefit. Designating Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary of a retirement account will eliminate income taxes as well as estate taxes.

Life Insurance - Another popular way of benefiting a favorite charity is through life insurance. Even if your other financial means are limited, the Plowshare Society includes members who have designated Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary of life insurance.

Gifts Of Appreciated Assets - For those considering a lifetime gift to Old World Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., gifts of stock or real estate often provide special tax benefits. In addition to an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the gift, these gifts eliminate the capital gains taxes that would arise if the asset had instead been sold.

Charitable Remainder Trust - Another lifetime giving arrangement with special benefits is the Charitable Remainder Trust. This allows you to effectively retain the income on a charitable gift for your lifetime, while receiving a current income tax deduction. Particularly, if you have highly appreciated assets which you are about to sell, you should consider whether a Charitable Remainder Trust is right for you.
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